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Sep. 22nd, 2005 | 02:21 pm

It's one of those annoying days when you wake up late, you have shit loads of work to do, but you need other people to interact with you to get it done, and no one is around! Yet the work still needs to be done, and I'll still get in trouble if it isn't!

Been in Brighton this week, pretty much seeing the last few days of summer out before things turn cold. I'm really looking forward to winter this year (I do every year), and if you know me, you know I love Christmas.

The job hunt goes on from tomorrow, I can't really do much sitting 75 miles away from where I need to be looking. So - lets hope something good happens to me.

I managed to get hold of the new Boards Of Canada record the other day, I literally cannot explain how excited I was to stick it on. And, what makes things even better is, it's fucking incredible. I've been waiting 3 years since the 2002 release of Geogaddi for the new BOC record, and it's ACTUALLY here! Now all I need is the new Chris Clark record and I'm laughing. A lot.

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